Friday, January 2, 2009

Outdoor Portraits Months Ago...

Went to outdoor portraits shooting months ago
And yet, don't even post to my blog
So, let's introduce you : My babe Alicia*

Pasar Seni, Lrt Station
Morning : 9am

Street around Kota Raya

Street which on the way to Times Square


Reached Pavillion.
Having lunch at Starbucks
Changed to a flowerish dress
Charging power to continue the shooting

Fixing hair for a better look by a stylist
*credit to my man, Shawn (Mwahx)

Pavillion's street

Gonna end today's journey
Thanks babe for being a great pro model
I knew you tried hard and well done

Not to mention it
We've completed this shooting session by *walking
Through this whole journey
From Pasar Seni- Pudu- Times Square- SgWang- Pavillion- KLCC*

Thanks again *Dear Alicia, another photographer Ah Mi and Stylist Shawn