Sunday, August 26, 2007

AhTay's Unforgettable BirthDay (wrong posted)

Kkz now, i would like to share those funniest happiest moments with you guys, ENJOY.

Everybody prepaparing for Tay's birth. Trying to give him a suprise!

While waiting for Tay's appearance, sakai Sumiko playing with fire and Jon be the perfect BACKGROUND.

Here comes our MainCharacter AH TAY!!!! Happy 18th birthday to YOU yea. =)

Of coz, i got duet capture with the main character, and so with 'em.

And so then, Ta y's face become like that. After all of us, finished the cake by only using HAND to grab the cake without cutted, there's some interesting punishment for our TAY, since it was his lovely 18th birthday. Lets look at that. Be prepared!!! LOADING.........


CocaCola nice to drink, and nice to see XD

Now, lets start our games = TRUTH or DARE. But the thing is, we just play DARE. So, lets continue our stories. 1st, we used a something like a stick thingy to turn. Then, the two people chosen will do something crazy. The 1st pair, will be our SiewYee and Jon!!! What they've done was, perform a dance by sticking together and some rubbing motion... Fuhh....

Next, Jon (again) and LeeJun!!! Not to mention it, they've kiss approximately 10 seconds!!! With a plastic at the middle of their warm hot lips la ofcoz. See, can you see Maria who being the background,she was so HIGH!

My God!!! Jon was sosososo lucky!!! Been chosen so many times!!! WALAO-YE!!!! Maria kissing him tiam!!! HE SO HIGH man~~~~

Now, its time for Shanna to enjoy coz Maria going to sucks her fingers, with sounds...Just like sucking 'ehem hem'.....Im not saying ANYTHING~ XD

This time, SakaiSumiko was bitting and licking JiaChi's sweet and pretty EAR!!!! Hope sumiko enjoy it very much hoh, SUMIKO!

SiewYee and Tay gonna touch each other tough for few seconds~ Wowowow, Tay, SYOKNYA~~~~~

Next, as you can see, its ME!!!! And obviously, its just a easy job!!! Kissing Maria nose ONLY man!!!! Kacang la dik!!! Wahahaha.... (LUCKY)

Hahas, now its turn for Maria and Tay to perform 'GangGuanWu', and Tay gonna be the 'GangGuan'....You can see, Maria is using her butt on Tay's leg!

Tay licking JiaChi's hand from fingers until upper hand. Fuhh.

JiaChi and LeeJun hugged together and roll all over 4 beds, through and flow. There's JiaChi who preparing for boarding.

Sure exhausted after rolling and rolling lah!!! LOLX

Last round, will be Maria and Jon!!!! This time, Jon be the 1st who lying on Maria body (but as you can see, its putted a pillow on Maria's body before Jon gonna lie on her.) Then, Jon will give Maria a 'KariAyam' on Maria's hand. (WALAO-YE!!!! o.o) After Jon done with his stuff, vice versa, Maria gonna do the same thing to Jon. Whahahah. MyGodness, untungnya Jon ni!!!! FUIYOH~~~~~

Yope, thats all for the day. With this funfull, fantastic and unforgettable Tay's 18th BirthDay, have to thank to 'em. From left to right = Tay (MainCharacter), Maria (KungFu fighter huh), Jon (narcism XD), JiaChi (what are you looking for huh?), Shanna (gorgeous and perfect figure), LeeJun (sexy sexy bumpbump), SiewYee (walao-ye,what a cute pose) and also SakaiSumiko (look at her butt, we can see she got butt lol).......Lastly, i have to clarify, we LOST our sweet voice after that, sorethroat tiam...And hoh, ofcoz, we received a Black&White letter, which was complaining us, too noisy, bli blah bloohhh...And ofcoz, such a educated student like us, reply our lovely neighbour auntie (who selling BRA maybe at pasarmalam punya 'LOU GU PO', same, a B&W letter too, saying sorry to her. =)

Sunday, August 19, 2007


Got no mood to fuck everything anymore.
MISSING IN ACTION temporary until i can find my way out of these.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Glow in the darkness

Light, showing you the right way to sucessful in everything.
Brave of the brave in the Golden Campus.


LOVE will never end in this LOVE LANE STREET

Jump in the dark

make a wish


I wish my family, friends and YOU in good health always.
I wish i could return to the past so that i wont have done the same mistakes.


Thats so called FRIENDSHIP

Friday, August 3, 2007


Once again, no parking for motorcycle? Naahh, i cant see it... Taken around Chinatown.

out of focus

Out of focus ( late evening ) Its time for citizen to get back home.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Way to Nevertheland

GOD = General Official Deity

Wednesday, August 1, 2007



Happy happy dum dum going to sg wang. Before that, lets take a picture.